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Life in London - Season 2, Episode 1

I used to be really good at this. Putting things into writing, to find meaning. I'm not really sure where I lost it, but I definitely know I need to find it...because it's never felt this cloudy in my mind before.

It's 7:52am and I can't sleep.
I know... "Most people are awake at this time" you're thinking.
I don't usually rise before 9:00 unless it's a workday. 
And to be quite honest, it took me 52 minutes to decide if I was going to do this.  So, yes, it's early for me.

Today is Sunday. It's about 18 degrees and sunny in London... that's when it turns into a magical place. Now, if you've read some old posts you realize two things... 1. London was one of the most magical places on earth to me, when I lived here for 2 years between 2012-2014. 2. Stockholm was amazing, then challenging, then amazing again and ultimately, never London.
Well, here I am back in London for what someone defined it as: London, Season 2.
I know, I'm n…

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